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Welcome by Lord Goodlad (President of OSPA) and Professor Philip Murphy (Director of ICWS) 

Keynote address by Dr Joanna Lewis (LSE)
Chairman:  Professor Philip Murphy (Director of ICWS) 

Session One:  The nature and challenges of women’s roles 
Chairman:  Christine Marsh (wife of East African Railways Civil Engineer, Tanganyika, Kenya         1959-76; President, Corona Worldwide 2011-15) 
Veronica Bellers (dau. of senior PC, Kenya) - The Invisible Invincibles, wives of Colonial Administrators in Sudan, Aden, Kenya 1935-45 
Constance Humm (wife of Sudan Railways Officer 1930-53) with Joanna Groves, granddaughter
Christina Andrew-Wellman (about grandmother Gladys Drury Adams, Sarawak 1930-46) 
Margaret Reardon (wife of Admin Officer, Tanganyika, Bechuanaland, Western Pacific and
Caribbean 1953-81) with Kate Armstrong (daughter) 
Wendy Bond (wife of Admin Officer, Northern Rhodesia/Zambia 1962-73) 
Questions and Discussion

Session Two:  Education and Nursing
Chairman: Dr Rosemary Wall (University of Hull) Colonial nursing and medicine, Malaya, Kenya,
Hong Kong

Professor Lalage Bown (Universities in Gold Coast, 1949-55, Uganda 1955-60, Nigeria 1960-66,
Zambia 1966-70, Nigeria 1970-80) - Experiences of a British Woman Academic
Patricia Farrant (wife of Admin Officer, Nigeria 1948-63; involved with education)
Auriol Earle (wife of Education Officer, Gold Coast 1952-61)
Jennifer Brooks (wife of Admin Officer, Western Pacific 1964-78, Tristan da Cunha 1978-81)
Ingrid Pasteur (missionary teacher, Uganda 1960-63, wife of Admin Officer, Uganda, 1964-67)
Questions and Discussion

Session Three:  Other Professionals and Occupations

Chairman: Dr Georgina Sinclair (Open University)
Dr Christine Nicholls (author, biographer, dau. of a headmaster and headmistress in Kenya)
- East African Professional Women in Agriculture, Archaeology and Missions
Jean Aucutt (wife of Police Officer – and other assignments, Tanganyika 1952-64)
Dr Pamela Shurmer-Smith (Social Anthropologist, author, Northern Rhodesia/Zambia 1957-73)
Barbara House (Education Officer, Kenya 1956-60; wife of Education Officer, Kenya 1960-63,
Solomon Islands 1963-75)
Christine Thomas (Police Research Officer, Hong Kong) - The Ladies of the Registry, Hong Kong 1950s-90s
Questions and Discussion

Summary and closing thanks
by Professor Philip Murphy

A written transcript of the proceedings of this Seminar is to be published by the Institute of
Commonwealth Studies as Number Ten in the series of the OSPA Research Project’s Occasional
Papers. Price: £5.00; plus postage £2.50 UK; £5.00 overseas.
The published transcript will be available from:
Olga Jimenez, School of Advanced Study, University of London, of London,
Senate House (Room 265), Malet Street, London Senate House (Room 265), Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU. WC1E 7HU. WC1E 7HU.
tel: (0)20 7862 8871; email: [email protected]